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After relocating his shop from a previous Portland, ME location, Jay Dodge moved into the new space on Exchange Street and set up shop as quick as possible to keep those 'cuts rolling. With the end goal in mind, he slowly tackled on upgrades one piece at a time. When it came time to needing space planning and renovation ideas, gafARCH "cut" in to assist with some concepts. With the goal to add 3 new barber stations, a hair wash station and a washer/dryer space we worked together with ideas for the back 1/3 of the space that was completely underutilized and separated by a maze of partitions. We studied ways to remove the partitions and expand the current double-ganged barber station layout all the way front to back.

The final product? Definitely the best place to get a cut in Portland by very talented barbers. One step into this space and you'll immediately feel the design intent Jay was envisioning. 

Project completion: 2021

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