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When a two-story townhome was in need of an uplift in advance of being put on the market for sale, gafARCH jumped in to offer assistance on evaluating what could be done to increase the appeal of the home and offer unique renovation ideas. Upon arrival, it first stood out that the existing kitchen was tucked in the back corner of the home without much natural daylight. It was also cut-off from the rest of the space and felt detached from the rest of the first-floor space.  A simple solution to remove a portion of the separating wall, replace it with a peninsula island and added countertop with seating hit the nail on the head. It provided a connection to the rest of the space, while offering more seating and keeping a portion of the kitchen separate. Along with the kitchen design, we provided space planning assistance on the renovation of the second floor bathroom and general finish material and color choices.

The final product felt like getting fit out with that new outfit, "suiting up" for future events. That future event resulted in going on the market and being sold within a week of being listed.

Project completion: 2021

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