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Modern Architecture



Michael, aka: MAB
Maine Licensed Architect, Owner

Educated and Trained in New York City, MAB has brought his 15 plus years of experience to Maine. Diverse and adaptable, he brings a variety of project type experience to the table. He acts as your jack-of-all trades: initial project kick-off meeting, site surveys, drafting, designing, building code studies, permit securement, project management, cost estimating and even knows his way around the wood shop.

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Design Process

"MAB is wonderful at listening to potential buyers' needs and providing them with renderings or drawings to help bring their vision of what a home could be to life. For example, I had clients interested in a condo on the East End of Portland that had the potential for tremendous views that were blocked by a wall and no access to outside space. Mike was able to draw up plans to show them how they could add french doors and a third floor deck to create more living space in an otherwise unused hallway, capture those views, and create some outdoor living space as well. I'd highly recommend bringing gaf.Architecture in early in the process to help your buyers envision what a new space could be."

Kate Kerkam, Portside Real Estate





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